Conscientious Filmmaker

China, Canada, and United States

A Quote I Seek to Live By

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty.”
- John Keats


New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

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Languages I Know

English, Chinese

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The Change I Want to Bring to the World

As a filmmaker, I want to explore how to use cinema to deliver universal messages, containing truth and beauty, that could inspire others to do more for the global community. As a young man experiencing life through different cultural perspectives, who has never been tethered to a single place, I am learning that human beings are more similar than different to one another. I want to write and direct work that is not limited by culture and geographical experience, but instead speaks to the universality of humanity.

How I’ve Been Involved in Changemaking So Far

I work for ACE91, a company that creates films and TV series that could help to reduce conflicts by building cross-cultural bridges. ACE91 has several documentary films in development, which focus on a range of topics, including the spread of misinformation/disinformation, structural economic inequities, civil and voting rights struggles in the US, and other socially-pertinent issues. These films aim to remind global audiences about the need for people to co-exist more peacefully.

What Drew Me to This Fellowship

Young people are morally responsible for increasing activism. As crises mount, I hear thunderously the call to action. I applied to the Mentora Youth Fellowship because I want to increase my leadership abilities, because the world needs more effective advocates to work on reducing pain and suffering. I seek to learn from the students and teachers of Mentora, so that I can maximize my positive impact in the world.