Environmental Activist


A Quote I Seek to Live By

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
- Mahatma Gandhi


Durham University

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Hungarian, English, French, Chinese

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The Change I Want to Bring to the World

The so-called “green issues” — sustainable living, environmental awareness, climate crisis, etc. — have become increasingly over-politicized in today’s public life. In my country, Hungary, the reigning impasse has destructive effects on both our natural habitat and people’s lives. Instead of opinionated quarrels and political partisanship, empathy and civility, inclusive discourse, and scientific reasoning should be the new norm — a change of paradigm that, perhaps, could also influence the current political climate by reintroducing discussion-based negotiations to public life. 

I feel it is my moral obligation to use my talent, skills, and career to induce change and to redefine the way said issues are dealt with, and thus to set precedent for other countries and communities facing similar challenges. I believe the best way to achieve this is through sustainability-focused policymaking. Therefore, I am resolved to use my future education to establish myself in environmental policymaking.

How I’ve Been Involved in Changemaking So Far

I co-founded and chaired the green committee of my college at Durham University, served as an Environmental Representative for the University, enrolled in sustainability-focused hackathons, and completed a summer internship as a Sustainability Consultant. In addition, the topic for my Bachelor’s dissertation was an assessment of the development of Chinese environmental policy-making.

What Drew Me to This Fellowship

Coming from a family of activists, the imperative of making a change has always been present in my life. The more projects I became involved with, the better I understood: if I am to become a responsible changemaker, I must continue growing intellectually, morally, and socially. I most look forward to being challenged, advised, and helped by my peers in the Mentora Youth Changemaker Fellowship.